“I just want to thank everyone who encouraged me during this challenge… it was a great experience and has definitely changed me for the better. I’m more aware of my health and where I need to be. As we get older we need to understand it is up to us to stay healthy for all of the people we love, including ourselves. During this challenge I was challenged to work out 30 times during a 6 week period.. average of 5 days a week… I did that! BAM! I was also challenged to eat healthy and clean.,, I did that .. BAM! I was also encouraged to lose 20 pounds.., well I was only a few pounds shy of that.,, so BAM!!!! . I lost 2 sizes, many inches, and gained a great positive outlook. I no longer walk into the gym and feel intimidated by the terminology I’ve never heard of or feel defeated by my sore hip… I feel accomplished!!! ?Here is what I didn’t know was going to happen… increased stamina, increased energy, self confidence, strength, and a whole new group of friends that have the same goals.., to get healthy and stay there! If you are looking to change your life- try this place! This is not a gym full of people trying to impress, this is a gym full of people who want to PROGRESS!
Thank you to all the coaches who encouraged me and pushed me! See you Monday!!!”

-Kimberly Rosinski


“4th Happiest day of my life…?????????????????Woooooooohoooo I made ittttttt total weight loss 73lbs in 18 weeks I’m 200lbs. Thank you so much Probodies. Tears of joy??? Special shout out to Coach Liza Soraiz thank you for Pushing every step of the way.”

-Sal Davide


“ProBodies is not just a place to workout. ?It is a family, support system, and confidant for anything that might be happening. I started in March 2013 and have transformed myself into someone that I can be proud of, and I have a lot of credit to owe to the trainer,?Jordan, and the other clients who attend. Every workout is well planned, challenging, and completely different than any other day. With encouragement to maintain a healthy diet (which is the hardest battle to staying healthy) and the accountability from fellow clients, I started to see results. I learned that “results” aren’t necessarily in how much you weigh, but in how much further you can push yourself in every workout. I am so thankful that I have this support system in my life, and that I have been able to change my lifestyle. I look forward to workout days and miss the challenge when I don’t have a chance to go. I am proud of all that I have accomplished through ProBodies (including being 35 lbs?lighter) and am excited to continue my emotional and physical transformation with this amazing group. Start today, you’ll never look back.”

-Megan Link


“Less than one year ago today, I could not do a pull-up, push-up, run a mile, jump rope, lift a 45 pound bar over my head, or squat properly. Now I can do all of those things and so much more. I have lost over 30 pounds and gained muscle, but more important than that I have gained a sense of confidence and accomplishment that I never had before. I smashed all my goals and have made new ones, and I can say with 100% certainty that I could not have done it without my amazing trainer Jordan Landrum at Probodies Fitness.”

-Raleigh Palis


“I started at Probodies Fitness in December 2010. Since my first class, I have come farther than I ever thought possible. I have always felt that Jordan is on my team and rooting for me to succeed. Each time I set a new fitness goal, she helps me reach it, exceed it, and create a new one. Jordan has helped me feel confident that I can and will reach my fitness goals. Without her I know I wouldn’t have had the courage to stick with working out for so many years.”

-Kim Garza


“ProBodies Fitness The Woodlands has helped me through my weight loss journey. Because of her passion for fitness, motivating workouts, and structured gym environment, she has helped me lose 70 pounds. When I first met Jordan, I was depressed, stuck in an unhappy marriage and at a very unhealthy weight. One of my first days at ProBodies Fitness, Jordan asked me what my goals were. Once we set a healthy weight loss goal and I explained what my expectations were, Jordan simply said “I’ll get you there, you just need to trust me and follow my instructions.” From that point on I trusted her and she literally got me there. She helped me gain the confidence I need to begin a new, single, and healthy life. I can’t thank her, and ProBodies Fitness, enough for giving me all the tools I needed to succeed in my weight loss journey, and for her being an amazing friend along the way.”

-Amanda Bonneville


“When I began my fitness journey over 2 years ago with ProBodies Fitness, I was the girl who had been overweight her whole life. After two group challenges and countless calories counted, I am just single digits away from my original goal. 100 pounds down, and still counting! I am setting new goals that aren’t even about looking good,?but more about being healthier than I have ever been. ProBodies is not just a weight loss program, it is a support system of friends who are all working together on reaching their own personal goals.”

-Eryn Burge